911 Predicted by Nostradamus

World Trade Center Attack
The Two Quatrains Michel Nostradame used to Prophesy it!
Translation by
Sollog Immanuel Adonai Adoni


Quatrain 6,97
Five & Forty degrees (NYC is 40.5 degrees latitude) a mid air explosion,
Fire near the tall new city in the clouds:
In an instant a great flame up connected to a boat and a plane explosion
When one is dedicated (to understanding Michels works) the Roman numerals (of the prophecy) make the proof (767 planes were used, 767 is an anagram of 6 97 this quatrain)

Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera
Feu approcher de la grand cit‚ neuue
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.

Michel Nostradame was known to use medieval French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew in his poetic verses of Prophecy. The key to seeing if this verse belongs to the World Trade Center Attack, is that the location and number of the planes used were given by Nostradamus.

The tragedy over NYC occuring at the degrees Nostradamus gave and that the prophecy contains the plane numbers show this quatrain was about the WTC attack and also TWA 800.

The use of Esparse to connect the event to the sea and aviation was brilliant as well. It proves Michel understood words not in use in his day.

My own 902 Prophecy clearly stated on September 2, 1997, that September 2nd to the 16th was a key period for FUTURE TERRORISM.

I clearly stated New York City and a BIG BANG in a BIG BUILDING would be the target of TERRORISTS in New York City in September in the future!

I also put the number 11 11 in the 902 Prophecy, which is time stamped in the archives of www.Deja.com from 1997.
The flight number of the first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11. It hit on the 11th.

11 11 the very numbers I gave in my 902 Prophecy appeared!

Word by word explanation of translation:
1. cinq – Five

2. quarante – Forty
3. degrez – degrees
4. ciel – sky or mid air
5. bruslera – bruler means to burn out or consume with fire
6. Feu – Fire
7. approcher – to draw near
8. de la – of the
9. grand – tall or big
10. cit – cite is city
11. neuue – neuve is NEW however nuee is clouds, this mispelled words points to both New York and the Clouds
12. Instant – instant
13. grand – Big
14. flamme – to blaze up or flame up
15. esparse – esparre Old French is spar which is connected to the pole or mast on a boat and also the wing of a plane, it was a brilliant way to connect the explosion to a plane and a boat or the sea in ONE WORD
16. sautera – sauter can be an explosion
17. Quand – when
18. on – one
19. voudra – vouer to dedicate
20. des – from
21. Normans – Normands or Vikings however it’s an anagram of ROMANS the numerals with PROOF Michel saw it 7/96 the reverse number is the ROMAN NUMERALS of the prophecy 6:97
22. faire – to make or paint
23. preuue – preuve is proof or it also means to cast out NINES the anagram of Ennis my name


911 World Trade Center Attack II
The quatrain Michel Nostradame used to Prophesy it!
Translation by
Sollog Immanuel Adonai Adoni
Quatrain I – 87

Sollog Translation

Ennis the earth shaker, fire to center of ground,
iron to shake around New York City.
Two tall long rocks tons of fuel the ferocious war;
then a fountain of a red new river

Common English Translation
Earthshaking fire from the center of the earth
will cause tremors around the New City.
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
then Arethusa will redden a new river.

Original French
Ennosigée feu du centre de terre,
Fera trembler autour de cité neuve:
Deux grands rochers long teps feront la guerre;
Puis Arethuse rougira nouveau Fleuve.

Sollog Translation with comments
Ennis (Enos) the earth shaker (the famous modern seer who predicted the WTC disaster, the FBI is currently investigating his WTC warning as they also did his Oklahoma City bombing warning), fire to center of ground, (the WTC fires burned 100 days beneath the earth) iron to shake around (the falling Twin Towers made of cement and iron or steel, shook NYC like a quake) New York City (the new city)
Two tall long rocks (i.e. WTC – the Twin Towers) tons of fuel (teps an French acronym – Tons of Equivalent Petrol ie fuel, which is what literally caused the fall of the towers after the plane attacks) the ferocious war; then a fountain of a red new river (Blood of the thousands killed)

Michel Nostradame was known to use medieval French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew in his poetic verses of Prophecy.

The key to seeing if this verse belongs to the World Trade Center Attack is that in this one quatrain Nostradamus puts in the name of the famous quake predictor (me) who accurately predicted the month of the attack on the World Trade Center. The same predictor was investigated by the FBI for his Oklahoma City Bombing warning, as well as for his September Terrorism warning for the tall building in New York City.

He describes the huge fires that burned for 100 days at the site of the fallen Twin Towers, he calls the Twin Towers “two tall long rocks”, he uses a acronym for tons of fuel, which is what caused the towers to collapse from the plane attacks. He also says a new red river will be formed, which was a poetic way to say the blood of thousands would be spilled.

Word by word explanation of translation:

Ennosigee – Ennosageus – Latin surname of Neptune from the Greek, the earth shaker, Ennis is the birth-name of Sollog whose Hebrew name is Enos, he is the famous quake predictor who also predicted the September terrorism attack on New York, he is historically connected to this act of terrorism, it is one of his famous predictions. This is the only time Nostradamus used the Greek god of quakes in his quatrains, he bastardized Ennosageus to Ennosigee a play on sigeia or Latin for Of, so Ennosigee is literally Of Ennos. Sigle is French for a play on a name, normally associated with acronyms, a major acronym appears later in this quatrain relating to “A TON OF FUEL”.

sigeia – Latin for “Of” or relating to
sigle – Acronym
feu – fire
du – (de) from, to
centre – center
de – from, to, of, the
terre – ground, earth
fera – fer is iron
trembler – to shake, to tremble
autour – around
de – the, from, to, of
cite – city
neuve – neuf – new
deux – two
grands – tall, great, grand
rochers – rocks
long – long
teps (temps) – teps is an acronym of Tonne de Equivalent Petrole, literally TONS OF FUEL, this word appeared in early copies of Les Centuries but later editors made it temps, the correct word is teps the acronym Nostradamus referred to in the very first word of this quatrain where he used a play on the word sigle by appending sigee to Ennos the name of the person that predicted the event. Most of the time that Nostradamus used long-temps (long time) in his writings, he hyphenated the two words. This was not the case in this quatrain so anyone saying the word is temps is wrong.
feront – feroce – ferocious

la – le – the
guerre – war
puis – then
Arethuse – Arethusa – a wood nymph turned into a fountain by Artemis, hence a fountain
rougira – rougir – to turn red, like metal hot or hands bloody
nouveau -new
fleuve – river

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