Death of Princess Diana

Predicted by Nostradamus

The quatrain Michel Nostradame used to Prophesy it!
Translation by
Sollog Immanuel Adonai Adoni

Quatrain 2,28
God the Last but First the nickname of Nostradamus (or seer)
Takes the Goddess of the Moon (Diana), for his Day & Movement
A frantic wanderer and witness of Gods Law,
In awakening the worlds great regions to Gods will (Ones Will)

Quatrain 2,28
Le penultiesme du surnom du Prophete,
Prendra Diane pour son iour & repos:
Loing vaguera par frenetique teste,
En deliurant vn grand peuple d’impos.

Michel Nostradame was known to use medieval French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew in his poetic verses of Prophecy.

The key to seeing if this verse belongs to Diana is the word Diane. Diane is Diana the Roman or Latin Goddess of the moon.

It is interesting to note how MN used a nickname for Prophet in this verse. A Seer is a nickname of a Prophet. Rees is the lone survivor in the car crash that killed Diana. Rees is Seer in reverse, a classic MN useage of mirror image words. The biggest story on the net concerning Diana’s death, is the claim of the Seer known as a Prophet with the nickname of the modern Nostradamus, in predicting Diana’s death to jump start his movement.

Many of MN’s quatrains had little date codes in them. As the 6:97 verse of an explosion of a plane over New York City related to TWA. It happened on 7/96 the reverse number he used. In verse 9/24 concerning Mother Teresas death, he used the phrase take away the 2. If you do, you have 9/4. Mother Teresa died on 9/5. One day off. In this verse he gives the month of Diana’s death, it is the last number of the verse. If you add the 2 to 28, you have 30. Diana died on 8/31. We can create 8/30 by adding the numbers. Again, it is ONE day off. Coincidence? The Prophet known as the modern Nostradamus, is well known for being ONE DAY off in some of his most infamous prophecies!

MN’s family was forced to convert to Christianity. So the reference to El or GOD in mirror reverse is based upon old Jewish scripture. God Almighty or the God of Gods is El to a Jew. This hidden snipe at Christianity runs throughout MN’s work!

So, the Seer who saw the future, saw the one known as a Prophet with the nickname modern Nostradamus, connected to this tragedy in his home country. He saw much fame and the foundation of the Prophets Movement gain support, when people verify his claim. He put Diana’s death information into a US Federal Record to save many lives from Nuclear Terrorism!

1a le – reverse of el, which is Hebrew for GOD
1 penultiesme – French – paenultimus is the Latin word for Penultimate. In Latin paenultimus means the last but one (first).
2 du surnom – French – surnom is nickname, or du surnom is, of the nickname.
3 du Prophete – French – of a prophet. Seer is a nickname of a prophet. Rees the bodyguard of Diana is the lone survivor in the accident. Rees is Seer in mirror reverse. The prophet who claimed to have fore told Diana’s death in US Federal records has the nickname the modern Nostradamus.
4 Prendra – French – to take.
5 Diane – Latin – Diana is Goddess of the Moon.
6 pour – French – for.
7 son – French – his.
8 iour – French – day.
9 & repos – French – rest. Latin – repo is how to describe types of travel or a movement. It can be a crawl.
10 Loing – French – loi is law. The extra ng is a typical MN creation of word play. In Greek the n is an E, the g is a y. The upside down y in Greek is the L. So, again you have a hidden name of EL. An interesting way to say God’s Law or Law of God, as in the Hebrew Law of God EL. There is no French word Loing. So, you must understand MN’s hidden letter usage.
11 vaguera
12 par – French – of, when pretaining to something such as a law or title of something.
13 frenetique – French – Frantic.
14 teste – Latin – witness. Relevant to a witness of Gods Law. And also how Rees or Seer is the lone witness alive.
15 En – French – In.
16 deliurant – French – Delurer means to awaken the world.
17 vn grand – French – grand is great.
18 peuple – French – region or people.
19 d’impos – French – imposer means to impose or enforce ones will. Also can be a reference to taxes. The prophet known as the modern Nostradamus is well knwn for promoting a no tax society.

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