Death of JFK Jr

Predicted by Nostradamus

The quatrain Michel Nostradame used to Prophesy it!
Translation by
Sollog Immanuel Adonai Adoni

Quatrain 10,72
The year 19 hundred 99, the seventh month,
From the sky will come one born a Grand Royal, trembling in fear
At the wheel and the cause is the Grand Royal, an American Prince,
In the days before and after Prophecy (Hermes) shall reign with good fortune

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

Michel Nostradame was known to use medieval French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew in his poetic verses of Prophecy.

The key to seeing if this verse belongs to the death of JFK, is the exact date was given, that being July of 1999! He also described the tragedy being in the SKY and that it would involve a young American Prince from a great Royal family.

JFK Jr was called the Prince of Camelot and his family is considered around the world the equivalent of American Royalty!

Word by word explanation of translation:

L’ is abbreviation for le = the (and in hebrew el, the reverse of le, and the letter L is GOD)
an = year
mil = 1 (the number ONE)
neuf = 9 (the number NINE)
cens ancient way to write cent ie. ending t was written as an s = hundred
nonante = ninety
neuf = 9 (the number NINE)
sept = 7 (the number SEVEN)
mois = month
Du is de = from
ciel = sky or air
viendra = will come
vn often vne in Nostradamus’ verses ne = born
grand = Grand or Great, also tall or big
Roy = a Royal or a King
d’is de = from, of
effrayeur = fright or fear, to tremble
Resusciter is two words (a typo) re and susciter = re is Ra in French, the ancient Sun God of Egypt, who is known in occult circles as being the captain or pilot of the great sun vessel, re is also understood to mean rea = the wheel of Ra and a reference to his use of pulleys in the machines of the sun and moon as given in the Egyptian sun and moon myths later used in Ezekial, rea is also connected to the roulette mythos of Thoth and Ra. In Latin, Radii or Radius can mean THE WHEEL or The Sun, or a ray of sun! Ra Dii (Radii) is a latin word based on Eygytian and Latin. RA is The Sun God Ra or Egypt or Re, and Dii is deity or GOD! So you have SUN GOD literally in the Latin word from which all of these words originated. And it means not only the sun or a ray of sun, but the wheel! susciter = to cause something
(Note: Some who have no clue to the occult meanings in the works of Nostradamus, and yet purport to be experts in translating Nostradamus, refuse to accept the connection of Re to RA the SUN GOD of Egypt who is known in the occult as THE CAPTAIN of the great sun vessel or the PILOT of the great ship. Rai (RA) til this day is used in France for RAYS OF SUN, and in English RAY is also still connected to THE SUN or RA! I strongly suggest that if someone wants to translate Nostradamus, they better have knowledge of THE OCCULT! You can find the clear meaning of susciter as being the cause of something in LaRousse Dictionary as well!)
le = the
grand = Great or Grand, tall or big
Roy = a Royal or a King
d’ is de = from, of
Angolmois is two words (a typo) angol and mois; angol is anglo = American or English speaking person, this word is the root of many words referring to English speaking and American people, such as Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-American and Anglo-Norman mois moise = cradle or youth, a very poetic way to describe a young American youth who is like royalty, ie a Prince but yet not a true Prince like a European Prince! If JFK Jr was a true Prince in the way there are European Princes, Nostradamus wouldn’t have gone to such extremes to descirbe a young American Prince!
Auant two words au is a = at or in ant is antan = yesteryear or days gone by, in the past
apres = after
Mars = sign of Hermes or Prophecy
regner = reign or rule
par = by
bon-heur is two words bon and heur bon = good, heur = good fortune or luck, both words can also mean contentment

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