French Revolution July 14th

Predicted exactly by Nostradamus

By Sollog

The biggest event to Nostradamus was the French Revolution. As a Frenchman this would have been his focus.

I’m the only person to reveal why Nostradamus didn’t use 100 Quatrains in Century VII or 7.

The first authorized version of his Prophecies was in 1555 the Bonhomme edition which had 40 quatrains in century 7. So 7:40 is how you write that century. C7Q40.

The final authorized amount of Quatrains in his Prophecies was 42. Commentators have been trying to explain why he added two to the 7th Century and why he didn’t include 100.

Do the math

C7:Q40 or 7:40 – First Edition

C7:Q42 or 7:42 – Final Edition

What is is the middle of those two numbers?


Now reverse the number you have 14:7

14th day of 7th Month the storming of the Bastille or the FRENCH REVOLUTION was encoded in the missing quatrains of Century 7.

That is why I am the ONLY ONE that can translate the great words of Nostradamus.

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